Thank you to all MPS Teacher Action Researchers!

Please see their projects below.

You've Got This!
by Gale Barry
Second Grade Teacher
Roosevelt School

Using Family Engagement to Support Parent Involvement
by Jill Tully
Preschool-PreK Teacher
Franklin School

Establishing an Effective Home School Connection
by Jessica Patti
Kindergarten Teacher
Lincoln School

Fifth Grade Perseverance and Art
Meredith McGowan
Art Educator
Lincoln Elementary and Hoover Elementary

The Impact of Table Arrangements on Noise Level
Kristen McCarthy
Art Educator
Melrose High School

Hocus Focus
by Randi Murray
Special Education Teacher
Melrose Middle School

Hocus Focus: Get Up and Learning!
by Jennifer O'Brien
Fourth Grade Teacher
Winthrop School

The Effectiveness of Performance Assessments in the Multi-Level Choral Classroom
by Kim Piper,
Music Teacher
Melrose Middle School

Increasing Reading Prosody Among English Language Learners
by Carolyn McElligott
Second Grade Teacher
Lincoln School

Metacognitive Strategies to Increase Reading Comprehension Proficiency in Level 4 Italian
Anahí Pari-di-Monriva
Global Languages
Melrose High School

"It Was So Easy"
Laurie Marino and Lexy Brucker
Special Educators
Hoover Schools

Reciprocal Teaching For Mathematics in Primary Grades Giuseppe DelisiFirst GradeHorace Mann