Reasons to Do Action Research

What works...
  • To figure out a particular "how to" of teaching
  • To demonstrate to principals, parents, students, ourselves that a teaching practice is useful
  • To have time to talk about teaching with our colleagues
  • To develop better overall relationships with our colleagues
Personal/Professional Development...
  • To be supported and pushed in our development as teachers
  • To recognize that growth doesn't just happen, that often we need more formal structures in order to grow
  • To enable teachers to engage in intellectual pursuits and become continuous learners
Starting where we are...
  • To start with the teacher that I am, not that someone else thinks I should be
  • To practice being a continuous learner, to live by what I am trying to help my students learn
  • To connect teachers in different roles, schools, districts
Challenging the norm...
  • To create new forms of professional development
  • To create new forms of research
  • To construct knowledge with teachers at the center
Robin Marion - Professor at National Louis University